The Aboyne Castle in the “Royal Deeside” region of Aberdeenshire suffered a flood and the subsequent claim was passed to Rainbow’s branch in Aberdeen through a recommendation from a local adjuster.

Lord Huntly, the owner of the castle had been out of the country at the time and a large water tank situated above a tower failed allowing a huge volume of water to cascade through the tower. This caused extensive damage to ornate plaster ceilings, plastered walls, floors and many contents which were of historic and personal interest.

Rainbow assisted with the initial clean up of the water damaged rooms, arranged for a suitable drying regime to be put in place and removed a large quantity of books and contents that needed specialist restoration.

The ornate plaster ceilings were of particular concern as these would have been very costly to replace. Rainbow’s swift work and expertise managed to save these ornate ceilings with only minor repairs being required.

The castle, located in the beautiful forested highlands region traversed by the River Dee, has long been a favourite of vacationers – including the Royal Family, who lodge nearby at Balmoral Castle. It is considered an excellent example of the original Scottish Tower House castle design.

The same branch of Rainbow also had the privilege of providing their restoration services to Invercauld Castle following another flood, this again came from a recommendation of a local adjuster.