Rainbow were instructed on a sewage contamination project and immediately called the policyholder to arrange for technicians to attend the same. The policyholder was so happy that we could attend and help her out here. The sewerage had been apparent for several days.

When the technicians arrived their immediate course of action was to extract the sewage water – it became apparent that the sewage had backed up through the sink and the pipe that feeds the washing machine. The resulting standing sewage water had damaged the lino flooring beyond economic repair; as a result, this was uplifted and removed from the property for disposal.

Once all contaminated water was extracted and damaged flooring removed the technicians were able to begin professionally cleaning and sanitising all surfaces.

The elderly homeowner had previously attempted to clear all of the contaminated items from the kitchen and begin cleaning the area, however it soon became apparent the damage and contamination was worse than first anticipated.

The attending technicians removed all of the contaminated items that the homeowner had managed to move to the garden shed and disposed of these items for the homeowner.

Once the initial works to clean up and sanitise were completed Rainbow set up drying equipment to dry the kitchen out in less than 20 days.

Mrs Head, the policyholder,provided the following written feedback;

“Your company did everything in a professional, caring manner, once you had been alerted to my problem.”